Bobby Goulding

Film Director

I came to Hanbury Wealth after an initial internet search of financial advisers in the area. As someone with young children, it was important for me to find someone I could communicate with easily and conveniently, but whom I could also trust to help me make the right decisions for my life. While I’m relatively young, I work in an industry which is changeable—there are peaks and troughs, it’s been especially busy coming out of the pandemic—and I feel Craig understands the nature of the creative field perfectly.

Over the last year he has helped guide me with sound advice about what is appropriate for me in terms of life assurance, income protection and pension considerations, and I won’t hesitate to lean on him further when making big decisions that have an impact on my family. Craig may be my first financial adviser but he, and Katy, have proven themselves to be thorough, friendly, and above all great communicators. When you’re putting your financial trust in someone, especially for someone in my line of work, these attributes are not to be undervalued.


Craig Hilton


Life insurance
Income protection
Pension planning

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