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Building a plan that delivers, however life evolves.


At Hanbury Wealth we want to understand what matters to you, and your family, so that our financial planning strategy remains comprehensive and consistent throughout the years.

We have a raft of experience in all areas of financial planning and wealth management, and our approach is refreshingly simple. We listen very carefully in order to create the bespoke strategies and structures that will enable you to protect your wealth and attain financial independence. That’s it.

So, whether you’re considering investments, carefully organising your retirement, or simply looking into ways to protect your family, we can work side-by-side to ensure your plans are solid enough for life in today’s world.


Whenever you invest, it is important to remember the value can fall as well as rise.

Personal planning services

We offer advice to our clients on a wide range of financial services, including the following:

Investment planning strategies
Pension/retirement planning strategies
Wealth and personal protection
Tax planning strategies*
Life and health insurance
School fees planning
Estate planning*
*Not all tax and estate planning strategies are regulated by the FCA.

Investment planning, for you

Make informed decisions about your investment choices.

Perhaps you’re planning for your retirement, or looking to generate investment income to top up your pension—whatever your circumstances, we can help you make the best decisions for you.

From saving for a deposit to buy a property or holiday home, or school fees, or a secure nest egg for the future, however diverse your needs, our people can help. There are many different ways to grow your wealth—from ensuring you receive the best rates for short-term cash management, to a more complex undertaking such as creating an investment portfolio for the longer term, we’ll enable you to manage your finances as efficiently as possible.

We’re also mindful that changing circumstances (some inevitable and some unpredictable) can sometimes cause your wealth to diminish—new taxes and legislations, volatile markets, inflation, and changes in your personal life—and so structuring your wealth in a way that minimises the impact of these changes is essential. At Hanbury Wealth you can be sure we’re here for both the highs and the lows.

Retirement planning, for you

Planning your retirement is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. Pensions are complex, and major changes to the landscape in recent years means there is now greater choice than ever when it comes to your retirement options. With this choice, however, comes greater confusion, and so it’s imperative you receive the most sound advice for you.

With life expectancy increasing year on year, we are seeing the potential to spend almost as many years enjoying retirement as we have spent saving for it. This raises a number of important questions, namely:

How can I be sure I have sufficient income for my retirement?

What are my options at retirement and which are best for me?

What is the most tax-efficient way to distribute my pension fund after my death?

The fact is, there are no simple answers to any of these questions, but what we do know is that planning for retirement correctly can enable you to live the life you wish after you stop working.

The individual and group pensions market is an ever-changing world, especially since the Pensions Freedom legislation was introduced, and it can be hard to keep track of what’s available. That’s why we work with you to consider all your options, based on your needs and appetite for risk. As part of the financial planning process, it’s our job to find the most efficient way to yield income in retirement.

And, by forward-planning, you can be assured of financial security in later years, rather than having to worry about how you will cope. A comfortable lifestyle in retirement is something to which we all aspire, and increasing longevity means we need to make ample provision for all those leisurely years ahead.

Protecting your family

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your favourite people will be looked after. The subject of wealth protection can be both emotional and complex. We understand this, which is why our nurturing team will take the time to sit with you and discuss your personal requirements and needs – advice that may prove invaluable when protecting the important things in your life.

Thinking ahead to the ‘what ifs’ is essential in securing your wealth for the future, both for you and your family. By making use of lifetime planning opportunities and tailor-making any Wills and trusts to your circumstances, you can ensure your valuable assets are protected for all future generations.

Further considerations surrounding inheritance tax, premature death, illness and loss of income can all enhance an effective wealth protection planning strategy. With our forward-looking and integrated advice you can be confident of making the right decisions for your financial situation, meet your personal objectives, and gain peace of mind that a lasting legacy will protect you and your loved ones.

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