Martin & Eileen Castle

Business owner & Retiree

Our relationship with Hanbury began around four years ago, when Craig was recommended to us by our accountant. We’d had some not-so-good experiences with a previous firm, and were keen for someone to bring together and simplify everything for us, which is exactly what Craig has done. Aside from being the friendliest chap, he is also highly organised, and gets down to business while managing to make everything seem really easy. Quite how he does it, we don’t know, but it’s been a revelation and we are amazed at what’s been achieved in the time we’ve been with Craig. We’ve swapped plans, on his advice, and now everything is more streamlined and much easier to make sense of. “Even for someone like me, who doesn’t ‘get’ economics”, says Eileen directly.

Knowing what we’re actually worth now has helped us in setting up trusts and making the most of our portfolio, so that it’s the best it can be for our family. And because Craig is so approachable, and knowledgable, he’s even been able to help with old bonds set up by our own parents. Being willing to answer questions, and communicating so brilliantly, has been an absolute breath of fresh air for us. And we know that, even with their well-deserved growth, our confidence in Hanbury will remain.


Craig Hilton


Inheritance tax
Pension planning

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