Graham Lyon

Lees Accountants

I’ve been working with Chris since we met at an industry event six years ago. What I liked about him, and still do, is that he isn’t pushy. There’s no hard sell that comes with advisers who are linked to particular providers. Instead—with an impartial approach—he’ll examine the whole of the market, and is also willing to negotiate with providers, so I feel safe in the knowledge that he will give the best possible advice to our clients. He’ll listen, and guide, and understands that one size really doesn’t fit all. There have been a number of clients we’ve recommended whose needs have evolved over time, in terms of their business planning and investments, and Chris has been there for the whole life cycle, segwaying from one service to another as needed. Over the years we’ve built up such a relationship with him—one of absolute and complete trust—that it seemed only natural to go to him when Maggie and I were appraising our own finances.


Chris Emery


Business planning
Inheritance tax

Maggie Paterson


As someone who has spent most of my life self-employed, with different ‘pots’ of money tied up in various places, Chris’s joined up approach in collating everything for me has been absolutely invaluable. You wouldn’t think he’s a financial adviser, necessarily, such is his relaxed nature, but in the three years we’ve been working on my pension his consistently calm manner has allowed me to feel I’m in safe hands at all times. Knowing my future is being well-managed gives me complete peace of mind.


Chris Fenton



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